Past live events

How Prepared Is California For The Booming Senior Population?

On May 22, 2019, we held a live panel discussion at KPBS in San Diego focused on senior affordability issues. We discussed housing costs, health care and your questions.

Forum on the Road: Why More Seniors Are Working

Some seniors are choosing to work for a company or cause they love, but many others are caught up in a rising senior poverty rate. In an hour-long KQED special, we heard about the increase in working seniors, the challenges they face and what the state is doing to address the financial needs of this growing demographic.

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Forum on the Road: How to Make Aging in Place Work

Many seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, but mental and physical limitations often get in the way. In an hour-long KQED special, we talked about when aging in place is a viable option, how to make homes more accessible and what resources are available to support seniors and their caregivers.

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